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Free to choose, without neural defect or hereditary predisposition, the hominid pestilence is not hardwired or cursed by early fall. Human prefer violence, killing, and consumption. As aliens may or may not observe from afar, perhaps the character is weary of the intentional devolution of the scavenging species. Why not be a healthy, independent, self-evolving and free nonconforming transformation? No, that would require too much individual self-reliance and personal liability. Most would rather suffer stagnation. Change is cumbersome and demands extraordinary thought.

Rather, rhetorical hyperbole masks as intellectual certainty, as anti-scientific analysis is subordinated to emotional reactivity and fixation on the supernatural. But for the few, the brave ones who pioneer the rugged individualism of private exceptional differentiation, they are outnumbered by the onslaught of others who exercise primal stupidity. People who willingly fight the liberation of their transformation, are challenged by the many who deliberately contend against those valiant progressions.

However, deep down within the nexus of the psychodynamics resides the ancient energies to urge the motivations to succeed or defeat oneself. The strength of that stems from the innate nature of each person’s evolving, regressing or ascending sexuality. Where amative essence devolves, it may be called the”diabolis sexualis”, or the destructive purposes of selfness for the sake of personal gratification. By intentional maladaptive attempts, to escape the punishing ravages of responsibility, for ethical requirement of responsibility, salacious regressions hasten human species extinction.

Socio-economic and political procedures, likewise, collude in the perversion of childish escapism. And, in regards to”murderology”, in contrast to a misguided notion of”killology”, such is a romantic instance of sexuality weaponized. In terms of the”diabolis sexualis”, to kill or not to kill is not the question or the answer; it’s human willfulness, which offers excuses by the not so virtuous arrogance of every bloodletting spill.

By contrast, the question posed ought to be if the next killing will happen, with the realization that people will always kill. Taken into a global perspective, an individual can add warfare, together with exploitation of natural resources, killing the environment, which achieve counterproductive levels of destruction. The human species is great at such endings.

People get pleasure from the essence of the”murdering” experience. In some ways,”murderology” can be viewed at literal, as well as metaphorical. To kill someone, because of the aberrations of one’s belief system for instance, is but one element of murdering the contest. To blow something up, break a thing open, crack an object in pieces, shoot another individual, or decimate a computer network, provides examples of the diversity of social disruption to attain self-gratifying results.

While the focus here is on killing, diversion of alternatives to other malevolent aspects include an assortment of interpersonal inflictions. Humans can be very clever in devising schemes to torture, maim and kill others. In 1 body of research, the investigators offered the point of view that murder serves a problem-solving intent. To eliminate the competition, however conceived, enhances the perpetrator’s edge over the opposition. While pseudoscientists from every school of thought wrestle as to cause-effect relationships, the media and the public are captivated by such events.

Traffic jams quickly ensue around horrendous crashes, as drivers sneak a peek at the roadside carnage. News pundits decry the”militarization” of the police, while encouraging military intervention into a person’s civil war. Anti-gun activists call for”disarming” the public, as they depict gun-wielding superheroes from the movies. With exotic weaponry blazing away at fictional bad people, they make massive amounts of money in their vicarious violence. Meanwhile, demonstrations quickly devolve into anarchy, as rioters burn down their neighborhoods protesting violence by the police.

Pandering, pillaging and plundering are historic antics carried out by human beings, who or sadistically want their selfish gratifications gratified. Killing is willful well-purposed instigation, premeditated from malicious thinking, by the antagonist who wants hedonistic reward for damaging another. It’s within the framework of the present consciousness that remains relevant to the perpetrations that transpire.

In the war within, the battle of a person’s quest throughout life is in the purposed instigation to take care of ideations relative to conflict between presence and non-existence. Fear of life and the avoidance of this strife struggle to accept the station by which an individual travel has to be engaged. Yet, by anger against another breath to the reminder of what should be achieved, willfully entangles every step toward a greater comprehension of the complexity of selflessness. Intricately, the unfolding merger of nurture and nature may or may not be directed toward a higher ascendency. The pursuit is cumbersome.

Regardless of what others may pontificate, or profess to know, as no one knows all things to be known, the multidimensional character is multifaceted. The depth to which one has to delve into the expanse of the character is limitless. At the exact same time, the disguises change to market the deceptions of countermeasures. Deceit is at the center of the resistance to transformation, and through the trek, such is the purposeful regression for the satiation of immaturity. Few desire to develop and liberate the senses.

Intentional mediocrity, approval of stupidity, and sustaining status quo devolution, hastens the eventual death of the species. To remain immature, enslaved and unevolved, relishes in the ignorance of individual differentiation. As some would assert, they are”living the dream”, yet have no idea of what that entails. Likewise, greater reliance upon the pseudosciences, with anti-intellectual smugness, evades the necessity of scientific discovery.

Meanwhile, as to the fundamental essence of psycho-bio-sexuality, the very being of individuality and attendant diversity, the many remain intentionally ignorant. In any given collective of social discussion, alleged academic or communal, it’s the daring and the brave that risk such difficulties. Of sexual relevance, the nature of it pervades every aspect of human existence and interactions at every level.

From primal to evolving ascendance, as indicated in historic references, and lots of works in classic criminology, the claimed construct offers a multiplicity of complicated implications as to human kingdom of salacious behaviors. From normalcy to dangerous, the deviance is both private and social concerning reaching higher states of wiser maturity. Consensual conformity pervades but one aspect, while horrendous deviations, inflicted with purposeful devastation, stem from the very same ideations.

In a classical view of criminology, the willfulness of the behavioral implications reflects the multidimensional complexity of personal proclivities and inclinations. Hedonistic satiation is at the core of personal motivations, and still, the complexity is much more expansive and mysterious. It is the present reality based on personal tastes, willful choices rather than a past singularity. Violence isn’t a virus. The intricacy of criminality is much more intimately comingled in a purposeful state of amative mindfulness from the perspective advocated in this writing. Sexuality diverges into lethality.

For warfare, sport or illicit intention, people kill for individual and group motives. Of these instigations, a multiplicity of variables are connected from the ideation of the people involved, although the carnality of this act is essentially of seductive and sensual functions. There’s no”single bullet theory” that absolutely and unequivocally explains a deterministic justification, or uncontrollable impulse, for acts of violence.

For every theory pretending a solution, there’ll be a counter-perspective. Likewise, for every proselyte of an alleged new discovery, the concept is already tainted by the bias and subjective validation of the adherent. Self-deception easily justifies victimization provided that a simplistic explanation will suffice. People are comfortable with explanations.

The hunt for the so-called”crime gene”, a DNA basis for evil, or a flaw in heredity, adds to the many arrogant notions that all of the mysteries can be solved. From the deceptions of human conceit, the simplistic response usually answers very little, but tugs the emotions for nonscientific viewpoints on criminality. In the domain of the pseudosciences, anything is possible because it’s all allegory.

Together with the conceptual framework of evolutionary processes transposing motivational inspiration for maladaptive behaviors, according to some, alleged”instinctual” influences are insufficient excuses for murder. Despite contrived conjecture, anecdotal correlations by extraneous reach of pretended definitive explanation don’t excuse accountability for egregious acts of unlawful killing.

Acts of homicide, murder and genocide, killing is what people do, and such is the history of the planet where upon humans reside. As the discussion continues on, as it has for centuries, and occupies substantial speculation among the numerous schools of thought, there’s no ultimately complete answer. For the near future, in spite of best efforts at myriad forms of conjectural conjuring, the complexity remains puzzling. Human thinking and following actions are far too complicated for simplistic explanations. Yet, some will maintain the arrogance of the shortcomings with all types of apparently convoluted speculations. Regardless, sexuality remains a commonality.

In a related body of research, reported in a national independent online journal, a team of researchers claim that human killing is six times larger than that of any other mammal. So, if humans tend to kill other humans, what is the mystery of the mental mechanism within the human thinking processes? From thought activity, or inherent individual ideation, plus personal inclination, it appears logical that the eroticization of killing, as in most other human activities, translates into”sexual weaponization”. Whereas some investigators might assert a narrower definition, as in the”lust murder” aspects, here the idea is more general in character. In other words, the sexuality of the person crosses many spheres of life-long endeavors.

However, as with theoretical constructs, from a philosophical school of thought to another, the question arises as to scientific investigation. That’s to say, beyond any reasonable doubt in the sufficiency of provable evidentiary standards. Therein resides the age-old challenge from the pseudosciences. There is no absolute answer, yet speculation persists. From different studies, many questions arise and numerous answers are yet to be found.

In pursuing a broader and extensive perspective on the”bio-psychic nature” of human disposition toward crimes of violence, a diverse body of study reexamines previously held notions. In fact, from the point of view of classical criminology and early analysis of human sexual behaviour, a more radical view pursues the notion that sexuality is the basis for all human actions. A complex multidimensional matrix of believing delves to the inner regions of cognitive subjectivity for a theoretical framework that relates to amative motivational variables of bother prosocial and antisocial behaviors.

By contrast and from a multi-discipline approach, some researchers try to estimate the thinking processes of the perpetrator, and following commissions of violence, from cultural and social standpoint. In so doing, the investigation goes beyond what might be considered a purely psychological framework to the precursors of external determinants. While some may adhere to those schools of thought in that regard, others favor focusing more on the individuality of the criminal.

In regards the novelty of homicidal behavior, to suggest”bio-psychic” is to reference the complexity of the person as the beginning point. From that point, without a”single bullet” theory to substantiate the totality of individual motives, analysis remains open to many possibilities that individual carnality, and the dysfunctions that go along with this, deform into the diabolic state of”sexual weaponization”. In some studies of murderers, the emphasis is placed on the social context that may influence the erotic implications from the actions of killing as much more pervasive. Other points of view will focus on the mix of factors that come into play in the wide scheme of salacious inclinations.

As an example, in a major assessment of killing from a job in the uk, the researchers suggested sexuality as the primary motivation in the”murder of this object desired”. As all human beings are sexual beings, the”weaponization” of sexuality crosses the bounds of civility to the realm of interpersonal maladaptive”warfare”. To the juncture, a multiplicity of activities devolve in harmful behaviors.

From a holistic world view, according to one U.S. state’s health department, human sexuality is seen as encompassing emotional, Pahokee Rat Removal, intellectual, physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions from the totality of the individual. In so stating it follows with additional parameters by saying that”sexually healthy” people are usually fitter individuals who interact in more positive ways with different people.

This is the totality of the dimensional spectrum encompassing the whole human being, not simply some of that individual, but a complex whole entity. Anything less than that a multifaceted intricacy of”mind-body” integration, potentially falls short of gaining limited perspective on the totality of a specific persona. Reaching the minor viewpoint, by focusing on a restricted aspect, stifles the imagination of an open minded approach. All too often, an investigative progression is constrained by unwarranted prejudice. One doctrine versus another typically contrast a variety of opinions.

Does the mainstream social connection regress to simplistic and specious notions of behavior, naïve and immature points of view dedicated states of debasing ignorance. Personal fantasies, for example and from at least one perspective within the area of psychiatry, invent purposely to express the desired manifestations of bio-sexuality. During which, one person may desire the kill another.

The brevity of this circumstance suggests that murderology, as a query into behavioral deviations, ought to look at the underlying sexual forces within the mindset of identity. According to a report in 1 science news source, researchers drew a tentative conclusion that people are six times more prone to kill other people than other mammal species. From this particular anthropological study, further comment claimed that murder was a strategic thing determined by issues related to sexuality.

In this regard, theoretical evaluation of Homo sapiens, ancient past to present, expressed amative inclinations toward reproductive competition, successful mating, and by romantic connection, status and material gain, by means of killing off other human threats. With regard to violence within the human species, the principal element is sexuality.

While some conclude that violence among people is a matter of genetic predisposition, others argue evolutionary processes bias such outcomes. To each who has interest in these notions there are remarks from various schools of thought. Discussion and disagreement continues, and there remains no”single-bullet theory” to suffice every viewpoint. But, satiating sexuality by killing is a compelling standpoint.


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The concept that cancer is endemic to tribes but not to species has been linked to the growth of science itself. Tribal science evolves human wisdom by developing weapons of war. This evolutionary procedure becomes a type of neurological cancer when DNA demonstrates that the human species is harming itself. From that medical perspective, both tribal science and human survival science are a part of human evolution. Therefore, both sexes could be programmed together with relevant antidote information in order to generate human survival simulations. Irrefutable medical diagnoses thus obtained will instigate crucial beneficial conflict dialogue between hostile tribes. As a result, applicable technologies will become evident, enhancing the transition to our functioning as a single species.

The Western educational system has access to this antidote information, however, it remains governed by tribal science traditions employing dysfunctional information. Epidemiologists refer to this phenomenon as a 3D epidemic transmitted through the mass fabrication of dysfunctional communication and information devices. Inessential information is currently overloading our educational system, creating considerable global social chaos. This medical disorder is triggered by tribal science’s obsolete obsession with the survival of the fittest paradigm.

His 1972’Letter to Science’ advised that existing science was carcinogenic because it allowed itself to be governed by the’Second Law of Thermodynamics’. He postulated that the joys of thermodynamic chaos entangled with living information in order to evolve universal consciousness, hence the prevailing understanding of thermodynamics was in effect, cancerous. He referred to this tribal science fiction as being inherited from our Neolithic ancestors.

Visual mathematical proof of the antidote to this disease was extrapolated from Western Education’s association with Plato’s educational system belonging to his’Science for Ethical Ends’. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Plato’s Ethics: An Overview, First published Tue Sep 16, 2003; substantive revision Wed Dec 6, 2017 remarks on Plato’s description of the geometrical nature of courage, moderation and wisdom with the comment “If justice is health and harmony of the soul, then injustice must be disease and disorder”. Plato’s’All is Geometry’ concept considered the living anima to be a perpetual phenomenon. This integral aspect of the living process was given mathematical credence within Georg Cantor’s geometrical sensibilities.

Mitosis in healthy cell division was photographed as a 3D electromagnetic, infinite fractal expression obeying Cantor’s geometrical accessibility to infinity. This visual evidence contradicts the prevailing thermodynamic understanding that all life has to become extinct. 21st Century quantum biology cancer study understands that healthy living information flows in the opposite direction to balance the circulation of thermodynamic chaos energy, as Szent-Gyorgi had predicted in 1972.

Despite Plato’s tribal science limitations his genius geometrical intuition of a deeper, ethical, universal purpose is truly extraordinary. It provided the critical antidote information to resolve the existing 3D global medical outbreak. His lodestone electromagnetic anima, held to exist within the confines of his plane geometry education system, is now clearly visible to the general public.

Salvador Dali’s conviction, derived from Platonic Science-Art theories, the flat plane of a painting contained hidden 3D stereoscopic images, was made visible to the pubic last century at the Dali Stereoscopic Museum in Spain. Ever since then his rather awkward demonstrations have been greatly upgraded by Australian Science-Art researchers, in which interlocking 3D images within paintings can be seen to give crucial neurological antidote information. During the 1980s the relevant ancient Greek mathematics was programmed into a computer to obtain seashell lifeforms evolving over a period of fifty million years, rather than evolving towards Einstein’s thermodynamic extinction.

Illert, C. 1987, The New Physics of Ultrathin Elastic Conoids, Il Nuovo Cimento, and Formation and Solution of the Classical Seashell difficulty II Tubular Three Dimensional Seashell Surfaces. Il Nuovo Cimento, 1989. The Science-Art Centre… chosen in the World literature for reprinting in Spie Milestone Series, Vol. MS 15, selected papers on Natural Optical Activity, pages 12-23 and 24-33, section one.

In 1995 the Institute for Basic Research in America transposed the optical mathematics to a physics format. Attempts to use quantum mechanical math to create healthy seashell life-form simulations through time, resulted in biological distortions verifying Szent-Gyorgyi’s observation that tribal science is a kind of cancer.

Throughout 2016 quantum biologists and the Quantum Art Movement International together with the Australian Science-Art researchers presented the 3D antidote information together with the supporting information in Rome, Italy. The Science-Art presentation was then entered into the Russian Art Week International Contemporary Art Competition, where it was awarded a First Prize Diploma. In 2017 the World Art Fund in Russia, in collaboration with the Quantum Art Movement group, included the antidote information into their Science-Art Research Project.

The problem remains that prevailing global tribal science considers that it is ethical to link science with aesthetics, which is the carrier of this worldwide epidemic. By way of instance, in 2017 two American Universities created a’Time Crystal’ demonstrating our understanding of thermodynamic reality was in fact an optical illusion. Nonetheless, they expressed intent to fuse such advice into artificial intelligence technology. Under such circumstances the international 3D epidemic would be accelerated toward a terminal condition of entropic, thermodynamic chaos.

The philosopher, Emmanuel Kant, researched Plato’s concept of lodestone’s electromagnetic capability to demonize aesthetics, as known in his dialogue between Socrates and Ion. Kant used the difference between ethical and aesthetics artistic wisdom as the basis of the electromagnetic Golden Age of Danish Science. He cautioned that the future of ethical thought belonged to an asymmetrical electromagnetic field evolving over the creative artistic thoughts.

Therefore, Plato’s evolving ethical science moves from his dark abyss into the creation of asymmetrical light, then on to the development of matter within its current symmetrical state of truth.

In 1957 the University of New York’s Library of Science published the book’Babylonian Mythology and Modern Science’ describing that Einstein deduced his theory of relativity from Babylonian mythological intuitive mathematics. He was therefore unable to accept David Hilbert’s debate to him that Cantor’s asymmetrical mathematics validated Szent-Gyorgyi’s cancer research certainty. Einstein’s physical fact was maintained by its staying in a symmetrical state of presence, obeying the dictates of symmetrical light pointing to chaos, as opposed to in the opposite direction to that of Plato’s evolving ethical science. The Plank Observatory discovery demonstrated that Einstein’s world-view was by nature carcinogenic.

Kant’s expectation of an ethical, religious, asymmetrical, electromagnetic technology was also echoed by Charles Proteus Steinmetz. He was a principal figure in the electrification of the United States of America, who said that the development of a spiritual, asymmetrical, electromagnetic technology would have been far superior, and more morally beneficial, compared to the one he had been paid to help invent.

Plato argued the merits of learning plane geometry should not be studied because of its practical uses but for training the mind for moral understanding. He let arithmetic become the first of the subjects of education, then research into its relevant science was to become the student’s concern. From his printed Notebooks, Leonardo da Vinci wrote that visual perspective was made clear by the five terms of Plato’s mathematical logic. Leonardo then made the announcement that entirely divorced his tribal scientific genius from Plato’s notion of an infinite, living, holographic 3D universe. Leonardo had written”The first object of the painter is to make a flat plane appear as a body in relief and projecting from that plane…”, he most emphatically claimed that the horizontal plane of a painting surface could never have a real 3D image.

There is no denying Pahokee Raccoon Removal mechanistic genius. However, the visual evidence that paintings can indeed contain important unconscious, 3D stereoscopic images means he was certainly not the great man of the 15th Century Italian Renaissance that tribal science asserts he was. This simple fact explains the size of the present 3D global epidemic of dysfunctional info. It also gives the evidence to explain the crucial significance of the 3D antidote technology that belongs to Plato’s nuclear’Science for Ethical Ends’, necessary to create sustainable human survival routine simulations.